Master the Tricks of Removing Dipping Powder Nails at Home

For years, nail polish has fascinated women all over the world. Flashing their beautiful nails has become a fashion statement globally. Yes, the SNS powder nails make you look more beautiful than ever, but not many people know that much work goes into making them attractive. Selecting the ideal nail manicure is one of them.

Today, you are spoilt for choices as you have an alluring range of nail polish manicures waiting for you. However, you should use the best quality products, like SNS dipping powder color, for your manicure to get the best results.

Master the Tricks of Removing Dipping Powder Nails at Home

The advantage of dipping powder over the traditional nail polish methods is that dipping powder lasts longer than gel and acrylic polish. They are available in an exciting range of colors. However, removing the dip powder polish can be challenging. Though it is better to go to a salon, there are different ways of eliminating dip powder polish at home.

Let us now master the process of dipping powder removal at home. Learning these simple tricks can help you do a fantastic job and save you the trouble of visiting the salon, especially in these trying times of the pandemic.

Prepare yourself for the job

Keep these following tools handy. You would not like to search for them midway through the dip powder removal procedure.

  1. Sterilized nail clipper
  2. A double-sided file with two grits and a nail buffer
  3. Acetone
  4. A plastic bowl
  5. Cotton balls
  6. A wooden cuticle pusher

Cut and file your nails

Your nails would have grown over the three to four weeks after your last nail manicure. You can use the sterilized nail clipper to cut off the extended nails down to your natural nail length. Use the nail file gently to smooth out the frayed edges and remove the debris.

Remove the shiny top portion of your nail polish using the coarse side of the nail file. Do not rub harshly, or you could risk chipping off the nail entirely. The idea behind this process is that you reduce the time required to soak your nails in acetone. The thicker the polish, the more time you need for an acetone soak.

Soak your nails in acetone

Acetone is the best-known nail removing solution today. However, acetone can harm your skin by dehydrating it. Therefore, one should apply petroleum jelly on the fingertips and cuticle to prevent them from drying up.

One can take the acetone solution in a plastic bowl and dip your nails in it. A better method would be to soak cotton balls in acetone and place them on the nail.

Under such circumstances, you need to cover the cotton balls with an aluminum foil. Secure it with rubber bands to keep them in place.

Depending on the polish thickness, you decide the time for the soak. Generally, 20 minutes should be sufficient to remove the dip powder. If the flakes do not fall off on their own after the soak, you need to repeat the process till they do. Patience is the key, my friend.

Push the dip powder residue off your nails gently.

The 20-minute acetone soak loosens the dip powder, thereby enabling you to push it off using a wooden cuticle pusher. Start from the cuticle area and move towards the end of the nail. One should make sure not to apply too much pressure. A gentle scrape should cause the nail polish to fall off on its own.

Be gentle as SNS powder nails are amongst the easiest to remove.

Buff and Shape your nails

There could be tiny bits of polish sticking to your nails. You do not have to lose your hair over that. The sterilized buff should prove sufficient to take care of these insignificant residues. However, you should be gentle with the use of the buff. Your nails are the most brittle after the 20-minute acetone soak. A harsh buff can chip off the nail easily.

You can also use the buff to give an ideal shape to the nails. The right way to do it is to keep the shorter side’s length, especially as they are the weakest portion of your nails.

Hydrate and Massage your nails

Using acetone can dehydrate your skin and nails. When you add the sanitizers and soaps to it, the hands become dehydrated further. Therefore, you should hydrate your nails and restore the lost moisture.

You can use hand creams or cuticle oil to hydrate the nails. It is also the perfect time to massage your nails and fingertips.

Finally, you should leave it to nature to complete the hydration process. Have a gap of at least a week before applying a fresh coat of SNS dipping powder.


These tricks mentioned above should help you remove the dip powder manicure at home. Practice till you become a master at it.