The Sacred Birthday

How often have you, or someone you know uttered the words (or something similar to): “I hate my birthday!”, “eugh birthdays are the worst, they make me depressed!”, “I have nothing to celebrate this year!”, “I’m getting old! I don’t want to celebrate!”, “No no party no nothing! We’re not celebrating my birthday!” etc etc etc.

I know I have been there.

But over the past few years I have been holding my birthday and all the inherent joy with in it sacred.

Think of the word: birthday.  The day you were given LIFE. The day you BECOME life.

To celebrate a birthday is to celebrate the self, and love for the self.  It is a chance to look at the past year of your life, and celebrate accomplishments, reflect on relationships, your growth (or lack thereof) and what needs to change.  Our birthday is our true new year, and it deserves honor.

When we shirk our birthday we are ungracious to the universe.  When we shirk our birthday we are ungracious to life.

In the face of great tragedy, something we are all too familiar with in the wake of Hurricane Sandy (blessed be and divine light to all survivors and victims; may Ganesha remove your obstacles and may Lakshmi bring you fresh and greater abundance), it is extra important to reflect on the beauty, vibrancy, mystery, and joy that is LIFE.


No matter what circumstance you find yourself in on your most sacred day it is vital to always celebrate it, and to decide what it is you want from your next year. It is a juicy, ripe  moment for dhyana.

I do not suggest you have to dance wildly on a bar or have a party to validate your life, and the joy it brings others and the joy it should bring yourself.  Have a quiet dinner, have a bubble bath, buy yourself a special gift—perhaps of mala beads, set with the intention of a new and mindful year full of joy and self empowerment. CELEBRATE LIFE. CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE!  Whatever ritual feels appropriate for you, find it and treat it mindfully and with respect.  This is the day you were BORN.

Do not take your life for granted, your rights, your freedom,your personal power, your ability to manifest and create whatever it is you want for yourself!

Celebrating your birthday is the greatest act of self love and recognition.  It is not something to shrink away from, or undermine.  It is the marking of the day you were brought into the world, this plane of consciousness, into the lives of your family and friends.  It’s the day your destiny was written, your fate was laid before you, and your dharma was decided.  It is a day for great celebration, thanks, and appreciation.

Because of a ridiculous media we are afraid to age, running for creams and feeling ourselves saddened by an ever increasing number.  Instead inhale all the beauty that surrounds you! Do not worry about lines on your face or marital status, bank account or “criteria” of “success”.  Each year is a new year for change, transformation, growth, compassion and peace.  The deepness of your laugh lines, the crinkles that form around our eyes, these reflect the story of your life! The experiences that have brought us the life we are living, the people we are.  High school, college, making friends  and perhaps growing apart from each other, or becoming closer with each passing moment; love and broken hearts, parties, loneliness, depression, jubilation, births and deaths.  LIFE.

Please always and today respect the life you have, the joy you bring and the joy you can create.  You have been blessed with a miracle; you are a miracle.

No matter where you may find yourself as another birthday comes your life, your heart, and your journey is always something to be celebrated.

Happy Birthday! Namaste!

inspired by sunshine burst, Tarynne Mingione’s, beautiful birthday yoga class in the jungle