LDS Dipping Nails – All You Need to Know

Dipping Powder, does this word sound new to you? If you are a regular at having nail manicures, you would have heard this term often. If you are new to manicures, dipping powder is something you should try out. It is the rising trend in nails, and the reasons for the same are pretty obvious.

LDS Dipping Nails – All You Need to Know

Benefits of Dip Powder Manicures

Let us dive straight into the benefits of dipping powder before understanding how to apply the procedure.

One aspect of dipping powder that attracts people to it is that it is free of odor. You do not have cringe as you do when applying acrylic polish. Gel polish has a strong odor that many people resent. Dipping powder does not have any smell. Besides, you do not have to endure long hours sitting through the toxic polish fumes waiting for your nails to dry.

Dipping powder manicures dry astonishingly fast. By the time you start the manicure on the right hand, the left-hand nail polish has already dried out. Therefore, you do not have a mess when you have LDS dip nails.

Dipping powder is free from toxins commonly found in nail polish, like Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, and Toluene. Some dip powders are also free of other poisonous substances like resin, camphor, Xylene, and Ethyl Tosylamide.

Getting your LDS nails is a breeze because dipping powder manicures are easy. You follow a simple three-step procedure that you can master at home. It involves applying the basecoat, dip powder, and topcoat/activator. As a result, you get a gel-like glossy appearance without the harmful side effects.

Dip powder is available in a fantastic spectrum of colors. You can choose your favorite shades and get the LDS dip powder you have been waiting for. You have a color for each occasion, be it an interview or a wedding.

The primary advantage of using dipping powder is that it lasts long. You can go for three to four weeks comfortably without the nail chipping off.

Dipping powder manicure is one of the safest manicures as it ensures your nail remains healthy and robust.

These benefits should convince you to try out the dipping powder manicure. Let us now learn how to apply dipping powder.

The Dipping Powder Manicure Process

You start by cleaning your nails with soap and water. The shaping and cutting of the nails is the second step. It is better to use a sterilized nail file to do so. Using unsterilized equipment can be dangerous as you can contract infections. The primary idea behind buffing and shaping your nail is to remove the sharp edges.

Your cuticles can come in the way of your dip powder manicure. Hence, it is advisable to cut them short and push them back into their grooves. Besides, you should ensure to leave a tiny gap of a millimeter or so between the basecoat and the cuticle edge.

It is necessary to use quality products like LDS dipping powder to get a good manicure. LDS offers excellent dipping powder manicure kits that contain various ingredients like the basecoat, dip powder, topcoat, activator, etc.

Apply the basecoat on your fingernail in a thin coat. You can leave out a small gap at the edge of the cuticle to allow your nail to grow naturally. The failure to leave the gap can cause the polish to lift when the new nail growth pushes through the cuticle.

The ideal practice is to dip your nails into the Powder. Hence, it has got its name, dipping powder manicure. However, this practice is not advisable because it gives a chance to spread infections. If you are the only person using the dip powder bottle, it should not be an issue. However, with many people sharing the same bottle, the risks of infections are much higher.

You can use a thin brush to even out the powder coating on your nails. It also allows you to dust off excess Powder from the nails. Generally, people collect this Powder and reuse it.

The activator gel application is the next step in the dipping powder manicure. This process helps the Powder to bind to the basecoat. It also activates the chemicals in the dip powder to help it stick to the nail.

Finally, you use a topcoat application on the dip powder-covered nail to lend a glossy shine to it. The glossy finish is necessary as it ensures the manicure’s longevity. By providing the lustrous sheen, it resembles a gel polish application.

There is no need to use UV or LED lamps to dry out the dip powder manicure. The topcoat dries within minutes of its application.


Now that you know the process, you should not be wasting time. You can try it out at home or visit the nearest nail salon to get your favorite LDS dipping nails.