All about How to Apply Gel Polish Nail Colors Simply at Home!

Nowadays, more and more girls have a hobby of beauty. They beautify anytime, anywhere because beauty gives them confidence, many opportunities and success in communication including work! We now don’t need to go to the salon to beautify, there are many ways to be beautiful even at home. Especially doing nails, many people still think that only going to the salon can have the desired gel nails, however, as long as you know how to do gel polish manicure and have the best gel nail polish colors and nail tools. The Basic gel nail designs were able to create their own beautiful nail sets like at the salon.

Follow the following article and we will show you how to make gel polish last as well as how to dry and remove nails very simply. What are you waiting for? Find out with us right away!!

How to Do Gel Polish Manicure at Home in a Simple Way

All about How to Apply Gel Polish Nail Colors Simply at Home!

In order to have beautiful and slim hands, the first factor as well as the first factor is that the hands must be cared for and cleaned, the thin cut hands must be neatly trimmed. This is followed by preparing everything needed to take care of your nails and hands and understanding how to apply coats in order to ensure a beautiful, shiny color.

Shaping and smoothing the nail surface

In order for your nails to always be beautiful and show your own personality, in addition to having ideas for beautiful nail designs, you also have to know which nail shape is suitable for that nail design. From there, you can cut and shape long, short, square, round or oval nails depending on your preference. After finishing the nail clipping, use the file to file the nail shape and the tip of the nail to be softer.

Every finger shape has the right nail style and shape for a beautiful effect. If you do not know which style to choose for yourself, find out the popular nail forms and choose the nail shape to have the best nail set.

Clean old cuticles

There are many people who often skip this step because they think it is not necessary! But really this step is very necessary to help your gel nails stay longer and more beautiful. When doing your own gel polish manicure and nail cleaning at home, you have to be extra careful and cut off the excess cuticle to make your nails look more decent.

Clean the cuticles before applying nail polish with a support tool, handle the nail base so that it is neat and clean. Then, remove any remaining oil or dirt on the surface and edges of the nail with cotton wool and acetone solution.

Performing gel nail polish

Step 1: Primer is a necessary layer of nail polish to maintain nails without peeling and ensure the durability of the nails, in this step, you only need to apply a very thin layer of primer and be careful, to avoid making the gel stick. finger. Dry the primer with an LED light for 30 seconds.

Step 2: Apply the 1st layer of nail gel polish, cure with LED light for 60 seconds and then continue to apply the second layer of gel polish to make the color more standard and again under the LED lamp for another 60 seconds.

Don’t forget to apply polish to both the tip and the edges of the nail so that the nail polish adheres more firmly to the nail.

Step 3: Apply top coat, topcoat with top coat to complete the nail is the final step. Paint the entire nail surface in both hands. Dry with UV lamp or LED lamp between 60 seconds-120 seconds.

Unlike regular nail polish, for gel nails, you need your own LED or UV nail lamp to cure the gel.

Final thought

The method of gel polish manicure combined with the best nail gel polish will make your look much more luxurious and attractive. Create youthful or elegant nail designs to adorn the hands of you and your mother or sister, with these simple steps you can absolutely do it at home. Besides, those who like a personality nail style can choose a multi-colored stone nail design that combines and adds textures in a few fingers to create accents for the overall nail.