The Best Gel Colors for Spring 2022

We are truly into the second month of the year, with Valentine’s Day not very far away. Valentine’s Day signifies love and comradeship. At the same time, it announces the beginning of the end of the winter season. Therefore, it is the right time to welcome ‘spring,’ the most beautiful and much-awaited season of the year. Is there a better way to do so than to have the most exotic OPI gel nail color on our nails?

Best Gel Colors for Spring

These exciting OPI gel color shades can light up the spring season.

Fuchsia marks the perfect transition

Best Gel Colors for Spring

Since the onset of the winter, we have been donning the dark shades to synchronize with the season’s moods. Now, the onset of spring allows you to break out of the gloomy wintry moods and move out into the sun. The darker hues should give way to the lighter tones. When doing so, the change should be subtle and not abrupt. Thus, the Fuchsia should be the perfect start to the spring season as you gradually move from the dark reds and browns towards the lighter pinks. This bright shade symbolizes balance, calmness, energy, and confidence, everything that spring represents.

Minty green to spruce up your moods

Best Gel Colors for Spring

The spring season marks the onset of flowering and greenery all over the place. Hence, it is ideal that we are in tune with nature and complement it in every way. Therefore, the minty green should be the ideal OPI gel color to welcome spring. Besides pleasing the eye, the minty green shades give a sense of liberation from the dark and moody winters to the bright and sunny spring. In addition, the minty green shades provide the perfect background to have your favorite nail art designs.

The french manicure with a difference

Best Gel Colors for Spring

Generally, we imagine a darkish background with a white border at the nail’s edge when referring to French manicures. However, it is time to experiment and move away from the stereotype designs. We can try out a new design and paint the entire nail white while having a red-colored checked design on the edges. It can set a new trend for people to admire and follow.

The metallic shades are in demand

Best Gel Colors for Spring

With the onset of spring, you can discard the heavy woolen clothes and embrace light garments. It is also when you can bring out the jewelry from the closet. When wearing jewelry, it would be proper to have metallic shades on your nails, as well. The OPI gel nail color is available in an exotic range of shades. The best colors to try out are the golden and silver tones. Besides, the bronze and copper shades are also in great demand. The best aspect of metallic shades is that they are down-to-earth colors that suit almost everyone.

The neutral shades suit every season

Best Gel Colors for Spring

If one OPI gel nail color suits all seasons, it must be neutral. The neutrals are available in various shades ranging from light pinks to deep browns depending on your skin tone. The exciting feature of the neutral color is that it forms the perfect base for carving out any design of your choice. The traditional beiges and the ultra-soft pinks with a chromatic topcoat layer deliver an excellent finish. It should be the best combination to have when you attend late-night parties during the spring season. The neutral shades augment your overall beauty and make you the center of attraction.

The navy blue offers an exciting change

Best Gel Colors for Spring

Generally, people do not try out the darker shades in spring because they suit the winter months more. However, you can experiment with the dark navy blue hues and set a new trend. Transiting from the darker shades to the lighter hues in spring can be challenging. Therefore, you can have the navy blue shades in lighter tones before you graduate entirely to the light and earthy colors to match the spring season flavor.

The bright reds can brighten up any occasion

Best Gel Colors for Spring

Spring is a colorful season, and there cannot be a brighter color than red to brighten up any occasion. The retro red OPI gel colors look equally beautiful on short and long nails. The most exciting feature of the reds is that they can entice almost anyone. The racy red colors provide the perfect setting enabling you to draw everyone’s attention to your fingertips. This OPI gel nail color allows you to make a forceful fashion statement.

Final Thoughts

As we gradually move from the cold winters to the bright spring season, you can welcome it with the best OPI gel color combinations on your nails. We have discussed various color options to help you make the right choice. These beautiful colors can spruce up any occasion and make you look more gorgeous than ever.