Best Electric Heater for Beating the Cold Weather

Top 6 Best Electric Heater for Beating the Cold Weather

The cold weather can be tamed. There are many ways to keep you heated in the winter time but infrared heaters are the best option. Infrared heaters have numerous benefits which are inclusive of being cost effective, being safe and quiet and providing instant heat. Infrared also has benefits to the human body which are inclusive of, improving blood circulation. Thus when facing the cold weather and looking for a space heater, the best choice would be an infrared space heater!

Heat Storm Phoenix Infrared Space heater

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The infrared space heater from Heat Storm is perfect for small rooms with its 5200BTU output. This small portable heater can either be set on the floor or mounted on the wall because of its removable legs and wall mounting points. This space heater combines with the humidity in the room to provide safe heat without reducing oxygen or humidity using HMS technology. You can control the temperature displayed using a remote control without moving making it the best infrared space heater for bedroom.

Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater, Silver 754200

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This infrared space heater comes fully assembled and starts working once plugged and set to user thermostat preferance. The thermostat can be adjustedto mantain a preferred temperature within the 11 different settings of desired temperature levels. This portable space heater comes with a carry handle that makes it easy to carry around!what’s more is that, there is an automatic overheat protection that automatically turns off the space heater when overheated to resume once cooled down.

TRUSTECH Space Heater

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This is an economic choice. Its compact size is ideal for providing warmth in small rooms up too 200 square feet. This portable heater is perfect for use, heating up the space around you within 3 seconds! It comes in three modes which are high temperature at 1500W, low heat at 750W and natural wind mode which can all be used interchangeably to suit different temperatures. When parts of the heater overheat, the heater is automatically turned off to ensure a safe environment!

Kenmore 03295380 Infrared Heater

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The space heater is suitable in any room from medium to large rooms making it the best infrared heater for large room. It comes with a led display and a remote control that makes it convenient for your use. It is in safe mode as it has a tilt and overheat protection. When the heater is either overheating or accidentally knocked over, it automatically stops functions and only resumes when in the correct functioning conditions. The joy of using this space heater is that it has wheels to make moving it around easier!

FLAREMORE CH-3003 Infrared Heater

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This space heater has six-element tubes that heat up within a few seconds. This heater operates in three modes, 1500W, 750W and eco mode. It boasts of not only a button control panel but also a remote control to go with the LED display. It has a tip over or over heating automatic control which provides a safe environment for those with kids around that can easily tip it over and also ensures safety when it overheats, it automatically shuts down in the event of those two scenarios. After 12 hours of maintaining a certain temperature in a room, it is designed to shut off!

Air choice Infrared Heater

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This heater operates in 3 modes, 1500W, 700W and eco mode to heat up the room in only 3 seconds! This heater is ideal for large rooms. It is designed to keep a safe environment as it automatically shuts off when operating incorrectly for example when it is tipped over or when it overheats. It can either be controlled using buttons or a remote control that allows you to do it without moving! What’s more is that this heater is quiet and does not give off a smell when it is being used.


The cold weather can be disturbing. There is need to acquire a space heater to ensure that, you beat the weather and are comfortable in your own home. There are various space heaters on the market, but it is ideal to go with a safer choice, an infrared space heater. It is the safest way to beat the cold weather. There are various choice options to a safe winter available on the market!