Unusual Facts about Gel Nails Everyone Should Know

There is nothing more beautiful than having an exquisite gel manicure. Besides enhancing your beauty quotient, well-manicured gel polish can increase your confidence levels tremendously. Furthermore, gel polish can be enchanting and enticing as people get attracted to your nails in the sense of admiration. While gel polish has its pros, cons, and utilities, you should be aware of some unusual facts about gel nails. Let us discuss them in brief.

Unusual Facts about Gel Nails Everyone Should Know

Facts about Gel Nails

Peeling Your Nail Polish Is a Strict NO

Gel polish, especially high-quality products like Gelixir gel, lasts comfortably for four weeks. A perfectly done gel manicure requires a removal only because the natural nail keeps growing and pushing out the manicured portion. Therefore, people tend to peel off the nail polish layer. Is it a healthy habit? The answer is an emphatic ‘NO.’

Peeling your nail polish layer is not advisable because it can cause the top layer of the nails to come off along with the polish layer. As a result, it can cause tiny fractures on your nail surface that are not immediately visible but can damage the nail in the long run. So, what is the solution?

One solution is to approach the nail salon for a touch-up procedure. Here, the salon technicians redo the gel manicure to match the nail. Alternatively, you have to remove the nail polish traditionally. The point to note is that you should never peel off the nail polish layer.

Gel Polish Can Damage Your Cuticles

If you go through any nail manicure procedure, the first thing that salon technicians do is to keep the cuticles out of the way of the manicure. Gelixir gel manicures are extended procedures that last comfortably for a month. The polish can dry your cuticles and damage them.

The solution is to push the cuticles into the grooves using an orangewood cuticle pusher. It ensures to keep the cuticles out of the way of the manicure. Besides, it is better to massage your nails and cuticles with cuticle oil. This procedure moisturizes the cuticles and prevents them from becoming dry and brittle.

The Summer Months Require Frequent Retouching

Compared to winters, nails grow faster in summer. What does that mean? Is it good or bad? In a way, it is great because you can have beautiful long nails with your Gelixir gel polish and have a great time on your social media channels. At the same time, faster growth entails frequent retouching of your manicure.

The important aspect is that you need to attend to your nails more frequently in summer than in winter.

Your Nails Need Time to Breathe and Recuperate

Gelixir gel polish is a wonderful thing to have on your nails, but one should note that the gel layer on your nails prevents them from breathing. Hence, dermatologists advise that one should frequently give their nails a rest period. The ideal time to do so is after the nail polish removal procedure.

The nail polish removal procedure involves the use of acetone. The best part of acetone is that it dissolves gel polish completely and ensures proper removal. However, simultaneously, acetone has dehydrating properties that can remove the moisture content from your nails and skin. As a result, your nails become brittle and tend to break.

The ideal solution is to give time for your nails to recuperate naturally. All you do is provide sufficient time for your nails to breathe. Before applying the next Gelixir gel manicure, a week’s rest should be enough for your nails to regain their health.

Curing Your Nail Polish under the UV/LED Lamp Is a Must

Your nail polish should be dry after the manicure. It prevents the polish from staining your clothes and skin. Besides, the wet polish can get damaged quickly. Dipping powder and acrylic nail manicures do not require much drying because the topcoat layers dry within minutes of their application. At the most, a few minutes under the fan should be enough.

With gel manicures, you need to use UV/LED lamps to cure the polish layers. It is necessary because the gel polish acquires its luster only after it dries out completely. Therefore, you should cure every layer you apply before proceeding to the subsequent ones. Applying multiple layers on your nails without curing can cause smudges and make your manicure look unpleasant.

A Gel Manicure Is a Month-long Commitment

Gel manicures are great because they look exciting and last conveniently for a month without a retouching procedure. However, one should maintain the manicure by moisturizing the nails frequently with cuticle oil. It helps the gel polish layer to maintain its gloss and attractiveness quotient.

Final Words

Though women are experts with their gel manicures, they should know the six facts discussed here. It benefits them by enhancing the beauty of the manicure manifold. You can now go on to exhibit your manicure proudly on your social media profiles and win the admiration of your loved ones.