Secrets to Get a Beautiful Glamorous Makeover for African American Skin Types

For every event, the first thing to worry about for every girl is their makeup. They want a makeover that not only makes them look glamorous and attractive but also keeps their skin healthy. Talking about African Skin type particularly, it requires a lot of attention and care. This is because they are mostly pigmented and have an abundant amount of dark spots. Most makeup and skin care products are made for lighter skin tones. If you don’t pay attention to their careful selection, you’ll end up with totally ruining your skin. Over the years, there have been a lot of new innovations in makeup techniques. People go for a lot of new and unique approaches while doing their makeup. Here are a few secret tips and ideas that will help in getting you a wonderfully attractive makeover along with keeping your skin healthy if you also have African American skin type.

Secrets to Get a Beautiful Glamorous Makeover for African American Skin Types

Which products you must try

First and the most important thing while choosing any product for your skin is compatibility. For choosing a foundation, first match it perfectly with the tone of your skin. For African American skin types, you should always go for a bit darker shades. We suggest you go for the best drugstore foundation for African American skin if you have such a skin type. As it is compatible with the skin type, this foundation will not only blend well with your skin but also stay there for longer. It will give you the most natural and subtle look.

Second important product is a concealer. It is a great way to hide your imperfections and uplift the dull spots of your face. This is a great way to even out your complexion and make it look brighter.

Contour can play a very important role in creating the best look for you. Choose medium to dark shade contour for african american skin type.

While choosing lipstick, go for the one that has matte finish. It looks beautiful and stays for longer.

Keep the highlighter on point and always use the one that is more shimmery and shiny. Don’t hesitate to touch up all facial areas. After all, you can never go wrong with a highlighter.

Don’t forget to finish it all up with a good setting spray. Make sure you spray from a distance and let it dry out for a few minutes.

Tips to get the perfect makeover

To get the perfect makeover, few things are to be kept in mind.

Firstly, try to blend every product with a tapping motion of the blender. Do not move it harshly on your skin or otherwise it will create lines and creases of the product on your skin. Be very gentle while handling your skin.

Always make sure that the shades of all the products go well with each other. Don’t apply very bold colors on dull base or very light colored shades on dark base. They will look totally mismatched and unorderly. Specially for african american skin type, it is suggested to use subtle colors because skin tone is already darker, bold shades will pop out and won’t look attractive.

Contour your face well and pay special attention to your dull spots. Try to make them standout.

How to get the ideal skin for every event

Along with makeover, remember that the health of your skin is equally important. Quickly apply a few skin care products before you do your makeup and forget all your worries.

African American skin looks dry and spotted so it requires a lot of moisturisation and nourishment to become soft and get rid of pigmentation. You should use a face mask for black skin for such skin type. It will let your skin fully utilize all the goodness it offers and keep it fresh all day long. This is a great way to get whatever your skin is deficient in.

Also, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer before your makeup. Make sure you apply a good amount of sunscreen to prevent further tanning of your skin.


Everyone dreams and deserves to look beautiful at every occasion and it does not matter what skin type or skin tone you have. If you also face difficulty in getting the perfect makeover of your dreams, we are here to help you out. Do consult our tips to choose the right products for your skin. You’ll definitely benefit from these suggestions. Also try to incorporate our carefully selected ideas for getting a beautiful and healthy skin for every event. Enjoy being beautiful and attractive.