How to Get a Golden Tan Outside Without Burning?

The idea of getting tanned outside might feel magical. However, the golden tan you get from the sun can cause serious damage to the skin. Cancer society’s and popular dermatologists are warning us about the skin diseases that result from getting direct sun exposure. Thus, in this article, we will be sharing the best tips to keep in mind while getting outside tanning.

How to Get a Golden Tan Outside Without Burning?

Risks of Tanning Outside

There are several risks when you choose to get tanning outside. UV rays can cause wrinkles and sunspots. You should never get direct sun exposure without applying sunscreen lotion. According to US-based dermatologists, you should apply sunscreen that has SPF 30 or provides high-level protection from the UV rays.

Outdoor Tanning Tips

Here we will share the best ways to tan outside.

Pack Protective Clothing

Those who are visiting the beach to get tanned outside should pack some protective clothing. However, by the term protective clothing, we don’t mean winter coat or ski pants. You should bring a long-sleeved shirt and a long skirt to protect the skin that doesn’t need to be tanned. Additionally, pack a wide-brimmed hat to protect the hair from the harmful effects of UV rays.

You don’t have to wear protective clothes all the time. However, it is a good idea to keep these clothes with you to limit the chances of over-exposure.

Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen protects the skin from getting burned in the process of getting tan. You should apply sunscreen before getting outside to be tanned. In case you are planning to use the best outdoor tanning oil then you should reapply the sunscreen before using it. However, if the UV index is below 3, you can go outside without applying sunscreen. Usually, you will find fewer UV levels in the early morning and before evening time.

These times are perfect for getting vitamin D and good effects of sunlight without facing skin burning issues. Those with fair skin must always wear sunscreen while getting direct sun exposure because their skin can burn easily. Moreover, you will not be able to get the desired tanning effect without damaging the skin.

Apply Tanning Lotions and Bronzers

In the tanning lotion products, the instructions recommend that the lotion should be applied 15 minutes before getting outside under the sun. We suggest you use a tanning lotion before wearing the swimsuit and protective clothes.

Most people who apply tanning lotion after wearing light-colored dresses find that the clothes become stained. However, these stains can be easily removed in one wash. When you decide to get sun exposure, apply a tan accelerator for outdoor tanning before or after using sunscreen lotion.

Tan accelerators are known to speed up the tanning process. Additionally, you will get dark tanned skin. However, you should avoid applying a tanning accelerator without sunscreen when the UV index is above 4.

Put on Some Lip Balm

Since you are getting tanned outside, protecting the lips is an essential step. Sunburned lips look ugly and unappealing. However, applying sunscreen on the lips doesn’t sound to be a good idea.

The market is filled with lip balms that have good SPF to protect the lips from UV rays. Moreover, these lip balms come in different colors that can enhance the look while you are getting an outside tan.


We hope these outside tanning tips will help you protect the skin, hair, and lips while getting tanned skin. You should always apply sunscreen to protect the skin from UV rays. Moreover, wear a hat and apply lip balm to ensure they don’t get damaged in the tanning process.