Get Rid of Your Old Tattoos so You Can Get New Ones

There are a lot of reasons to get rid of an old tattoo. Maybe you got it when you were young and dumb and now you’re older and wiser. Maybe it doesn’t reflect who you are anymore or maybe it’s just ugly and plain, and not meeting your style preference anymore.

Whatever the reason might be, if you want to get rid of a tattoo, there are ways to do it. In this article, we will help you get rid of your old tattoos by letting you know easy methods. It will also help you to know different considerations before choosing a particular method. So let’s dive right into these.

Get Rid of Your Old Tattoos

Know What Type of Tattoo You Want to Get Rid Of

The first step is knowing what type of tattoo you want to get rid of. There are three types of tattoos: amateur, professional, and cosmetic. Amateur tattoos, also called the temporary ones, are the easiest to remove because they are done with lower quality ink and equipment. Professional tattoos are more difficult to remove because the ink is injected deeper into the skin and the equipment is more precise. Cosmetic tattoos are the most difficult to remove because they are specifically designed to be permanent.

Consider the Cost and Pain Involved with Each Method

Getting a tattoo is an exciting experience, but it can be hard to decide which process you should go for. The tattoo removal process is painful and expensive. You may not know that laser removal can cost up to $1000 per session with treatments usually taking between 8-12 sessions. There’s also the pain factor – laser treatment hurts! Considering these things in mind, a tattoo removal process should be chosen accordingly.

Now one thing that bothers a lot of people is that there are a lot of methods available for removing permanent tattoos but how to remove temporary tattoos? There are several easy ways to remove temporary tattoos. You can wipe them off with a rubbing alcohol or some essential oil. They can also be removed by applying some cream or lotion after which you can remove it using a makeup removing wipe.

For permanent tattoos, Some commonly used methods include natural remedies like lemon juice or baking soda and cosmetic options like tattoo removal creams, surgical procedures like laser removal, dermabrasion, or excisional surgery are used. Out of all these processes, tattoo removal creams are the most commonly used products because they don’t cause any pain and help in easy removal of the tattoo at a reasonable price.

Benefits of Using Tattoo Removal Creams

Using the top tattoo removal cream can give multiple benefits. Some of these are enlisted below:

  • Removes tattoos without leaving any scars
  • Safe and effective for all skin types
  • Remove your tattoos without having to go through surgery
  • Feel more confident with your appearance before your skin is clear again.

Consider Laser Surgery for Your Old Tattoo

If the number of sessions required to clear your tattoo is more than you want to go through, or if other methods fail and you can’t afford additional sessions, it might be time to look into laser surgery as an option. Laser surgery involves removing part of the top layer of skin which will remove different colors, depending on how deep each color goes. This method has a higher risk of scarring but sometimes could be worth it.


Getting a tattoo is a big decision. It’s something you will have to live with for the rest of your life, so it’s important to make sure you pick the right design and artist. If you decide later that you don’t want your tattoo anymore, there are ways to get rid of it. This article provides you with tips and suggestions on how to remove an old tattoo. Whether you choose to go the laser removal route or use a tattoo removal cream to get rid of your ink, there are options available to help you get rid of your unwanted tattoos.