DND Gel Nail Polish – A DIY Procedure That Anyone Would Love to Know

There is nothing no better feeling for a woman than to be able to display her beautiful nail manicure to the world. One should concede that well-manicured nails are indeed attractive. If you feel that you have to shell out a lot of dough at the nail salon to acquire beautiful nails, you are wrong. The tips discussed below will help you get an impeccable gel polish manicure right in your home’s privacy. Does it sound unbelievable? It should, but it is possible.

DND Gel Nail Polish – A DIY Procedure That Anyone Would Love to Know

Points to Remember

The critical aspect of any nail polish job is to ensure that you use quality products. You need not regret it later on. When preparing for a gel polish nail manicure, it is advisable to have one of the best products, DND gel nail polish. You get a fantastic range of colors to choose from. Rely on us for procuring your DND nail supplies. We do not disappoint you in any way.

The Apparatus

Keep the following items ready for an excellent gel polish manicure.

  • Gel Basecoat and Topcoat
  • Nail Cleanser
  • Gel Nail Polish
  • Ultraviolet Lamp
  • Nail Bonder
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Nail Wipes (Lint-free)
  • Sterilized nail buffer block

The Procedure

Clean your nails

Use the sterilized nail buffer to smooth out your nails. The lint-free nail wipes can help you remove any debris sticking to the nails. It is critical to remove the debris because the gel polish could stick to the debris and not to the nail. It can result in a disastrous manicure.

Shake the bottle well

Gel polish needs to be shaken well before application because it has a unique formula. Shaking the bottle well allows the constituents to mix well, thereby enabling easy application. Remember that there is no need to shake the basecoat or the topcoat.

Use Aquaphor or lotion to protect your skin

There are chances of the gel polish spilling over to the cuticles or the skin’s exposed area near the nails. Though gel polish is not dangerous, it is better to apply a lotion or Aquaphor. It will become easy to wipe away if some polish accidentally falls on the cuticle.

Apply using short strokes

It requires some practice to apply gel polish correctly. You should apply it using short strokes for the distribution to be even. The first coat is critical, as an uneven coat can cause the polish to smudge around.

Applying thin layers is the trick

Compared to other nail polish, gel polish has a different consistency level. Therefore, you might not require much polish on your brush. It is better to apply in thin layers. Gel polish tends to pool around and accumulate near the cuticles or the edges. A thick coat could end up looking ugly.

Capping the free edges is crucial

Nail technicians always advise you to cap the free edges. It means that you should paint the nail edges after completing the nail polish job. It prevents lifting of the polish, thereby leading to a long-lasting manicure.

Remove the extra gel polish before curing

There are chances of the gel polish spilling on the skin, primarily as you paint around the nail edges. It would help if you remembered to remove these stains before curing. It is easy to do so immediately. If you cure the nail polish, it could become hard to remove. The ideal way to remove excess polish is to use a brush dipped in acetone.

Use the right-sized UV lamp

Some UV lamps come with sufficient area to cure four fingers, whereas some can cure five. Accordingly, it would help if you cured your fingers. The best way to do so is to cure each hand’s four fingers first and subsequently cure the thumbs.

Cover the color with a topcoat

Use a high-quality topcoat to cover the entire nail. It would help if you avoided the cuticles and nail edges. The topcoat gives your nail a glossy look. Otherwise, you could end up with a matte look. It also protects the nail polish from damage.

Hydrating your nails is critical

The gel polish makes your nail sparkle and looks beautiful. However, you should ensure to maintain the shine and freshness. If your nails are healthy, the nail polish can last long. Hydrating the nails help to improve its health. One should ensure to hydrate their nails before removing the nail polish, as well. Thus, you end up with robust nails having the capacity to make heads turn.


Gel nail polish is preferable to acrylic polish because it lasts long. When it comes to shining, it is even better than dipping powder. However, one should ensure using high-quality products. We arrange for DND nail suppliesand have them delivered to your doorstep.