10 Tips For Keeping A Vibrant Heart

Sometimes, no matter how much we may practice, darkness still seeps into our hearts.  It takes the form of anger, jealousy, or bitterness –clouding our perspective, and altering our energy.  Why it happens is irrelevant, how we expel it and keep it from progressing is vitally important.

1. Don’t speak unkind words about others!

2. Always put yourself in another’s shoes; practice compassion!

3.  Check your ego!

4.  Show kindness to all who suffer!  Understand that no one is immune to suffering, and that although someone may seem to have it “all” every person has a right to sadness whether you believe their “suffering” is valid enough or not.

5. Don’t dwell in whatever has made you angry or annoyed! Practice letting go, and you’ll forget about it faster than you might think.

6. Be generous! I have a very dear friend who sometimes drives me nuts, but I love her.  Today I saw a gift that I knew she would love.  I almost didn’t buy it as a way to “punish” her for things she ticked me off about this week, behavior I deemed “annoying and unfair”.  But I found compassion, and checked my ego.  We are all only human, she is changing and transforming just like I am, and I am not the only I that matters.  Deciding I have the right to punish her only keeps me from doing something kind for someone I love, and therefore keeps kindness and joy out of my heart.  I happily bought her the gift.

7. Don’t speak unkind words about yourself! If you have a misstep in any aspect of your life, move forward with knowledge and growth.  Don’t beat yourself up; this only delays us from finding the self.

8. Practice heart openers; chant “yam”! (“yah-mm”; the charging sound for the heart chakra) with your hands cupped at your heart space while visualizing green vibrancy filling your chest.

9. Find joy for other’s successes! If you find yourself feeling jealous, direct that energy toward manifesting and creating the life you want! I’ve said many times, someone else’s success or happiness does not rob you of the ability to cultivate and discover yours! There is room for all of us!

10. Practice asana and exercise! It’s true that moving the body, releasing endorphins, and doing  any physical activity (especially yoga!) out of self love will release any darkness that may be creeping into the heart space, and fill it instead with lush light.

Emotions will always ebb and flow, that is life.  But when you feel negativity seeping in, acknowledge it and then work on expelling it.  Unfriendly emotions when harnessed productively (especially anger) can produce great insights; it is when they arise (as they will) that we learn how to work into them and turn the unpleasant experience into tools for maintaining peace in our heart, and in our lives.

** I also love to carry blue aragonite.  It is extraordinarily cooling and calming, and it inspires compassion.   Often I place it right on my heart! I highly recommend it.